Real-Life Hans Moleman Shoots Himself ‘Down There’ With a T-Shirt Gun

Some people think the greatest movie ever made is Citizen Kane, while others think that title belongs to The Godfather or Schindler’s List. But true cinephiles know there is no debate at all, because there is a definitive answer to what film stands as the GOAT: the movie that was totally robbed at the first ever Springfield Film Festival, Man Getting Hit by FootballOr rather, it was, until this real-life Hans Moleman moment finally bested it, because you are never going to top a mascot shooting himself in the tender parts with a t-shirt cannon. Colorado’s mascot Chip the Buffalo was trying to fire up the crowd during a game against New Hampshire when he fired a shirt right into his own Rocky Mountain oysters. If you can handle it turn up your volume, because the sound of the impact really hammers home what he did.

“It works on so many levels!”

We shouldn’t laugh though, because as you can imagine it did not feel pleasant. It was bad enough that poor old Chip had to be carted off the field.

But the good news is Colorado won, beating New Hampshire easily 45-14, and Chip let his adoring fans know you can’t keep a good Buffalo down for long.

That’s why the only loser in this is Hans Moleman, who now is the owner of only the second greatest movie ever. But that’s no reason not to “roll it again.”

Is this the funniest mascot moment ever? In the comments below, share your favorite screw-ups by people in strange costumes so we can all enjoy them.

Featured Image: Fox

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