This Hand-Drawn SUPER MARIO BROS. Animation Leaps Off the Page

Artist and animator  Kisaragi Hutae 6 has taken everyone’s favorite plumber to a whole new level!  It took the Japanese illustrator three weeks and two notebooks to make an incredible stop-motion version of a complete  Super Mario Bros. level, which she dubbed Paper Mario Bros.

“Sorry, Luigi,” reads the video description.

Not only is the fan animation entirely hand drawn, it expertly syncs to the 8-bit Super Mario Bros. music that is permanently embedded in all of our heads thanks to phenomenal editing and timing. Many of the Super Mario‘s familiar faces and pieces, like the bricks, question blocks, Goombas, and Mario himself, are actually cut separately into different pieces of paper. (That’s why it’s a stop-motion animation and not traditional “anime,” the artist said on Twitter.)

The big Nintendo fan also shares stop-motion animation featuring other famous 8-bit characters fashioned out of plastic Perler beads, like these Shy Guys from Yoshi’s Island. They are whimsical and just as perfectly timed as the characters in Paper Mario Bros.

(We also love this hilarious Donkey Kong and Mario stop-motion video with a cameo from Kirby!)

Follow Kisaragi Hutae 6 on Twitter for even more one-of-a-kind stop-motion animation, like dancing Kirbys to celebrate follower milestones, 3D Mario art, more pixelated paper, plastic beads, and even some Super Mario cross-stitch, and an overall love for all things Nintendo. We promise you’ll get a smile from her dancing 8-bit characters and sweet sense of humor.

Do you have a favorite game from the original Nintendo? Tell us which one in the comments.

Featured Image:  Kisaragi Hutae 6

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