Michael Myers Is on the Hunt in New HALLOWEEN Trailer

Well, this sure is a tricky treat. David Gordon Green’s never exactly been known for horror, as his twin fortes have been broad comedy and atmospheric, local-flavor dramas, but his Halloween is looking like it keeps every iota of atmosphere he’s known for and throws a stone-cold killer into the mix. The Shape is that guy in the neighborhood you just don’t want to bump into, in the house kids are told to avoid.

Here’s what you don’t see. Most of those intro shots of Michael Myers on his kill-spree are part of one single tracking shot. They showed the whole thing back at Comic-Con, and the reason it’s broken up here is that it contains gore they can’t show in a non red-band trailer. If you like the first long shot at the beginning of this trailer, it gets even better and really orients you into the world of Haddonfield on that very “special” night.

And yeah, Jamie Lee Curtis‘ Laurie has gone full Sarah Connor as a mother, seemingly crazy but in fact the only one who’s properly prepared. She’s still going to have her hands full, though, particularly if Michael remains as bulletproof as he usually is. Meanwhile, he’s taken the time to learn some amateur dentistry, which makes him particularly horrific to those of us with dental-related phobias.

Are you looking forward to facing down the new bogeyman? If you’re at the Toronto Film Fest, it’s only “three more days till Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!” The rest of us get to wait ’til Oct. 19. Let us know in comments what your hype level is.

Image: Universal

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