HALLOWEEN PSA Advocating Masks Shows a Sad Michael Myers

Halloween is canceled this year. Well, at least big celebrations, haunts, and trick or treating in many locations are anyway. It’s yet another way that COVID-19 has affected our lives. But as sad as we are about not being able to roam the streets in costumes, there is no one more depressed about no Halloween this year than Michael Myers. Imagine waiting all year for the single day you get to go out and slaughter to your heart’s content, only to have it cruelly taken from you.

Thanks to Dread Central we’ve come across the above hilarious fan-made video showcasing just what Michael Myers’ depressing dilemma for October 31, 2020 looks like. The video was created by YouTuber Andrew Kasch. The video mostly shows a mopey Michael sadly waiting for some teenage victims. He’s being so patient. But it’s also a PSA advocating for the importance of mask wearing during these times. In fact, one so-called Karen tries to misinform The Shape on the “dangers” of mask usage. Not a good idea, Karen.

Sad Michael Myers

Andrew Kasch

Part of the fun of this video for longtime horror fans is the use of all the actual locations from the original film. Kasch went to John Carpenter’s filming sites, most of which are located in South Pasadena. Hardcore Halloween fans will recognize the hedge Michael once stood behind and seriously freaked out Laurie Strode. Also used is the house which served as young Tommy Doyle’s home in the movie.

But the most fun Easter egg of all in this video is when Michael defeatedly walks past Nancy’s house from A Nightmare on Elm Street. That iconic horror home is located in Hollywood. We’re probably never going to get the Michael vs. Freddy movie we’ve always wanted, but maybe this is the next best thing.

Featured Image: Andrew Kasch

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