HALLOWEEN’s Jamie Lee Curtis Finally Gets Her Own Action Figure

The Halloween franchise has been going for forty years now, but while toy and merchandise shelves have seen many renditions of iconic masked killer Michael Myers, there has never been a movie-accurate toy of the real star, Jamie Lee Curtis‘ Laurie Strode. Until last night, when NECA, in the mood for some Halloween-themed reveals, showcased one pissed-off survivor.

Toy companies have typically held off doing figures of “scream queens,” based on the questionable perception that they don’t sell as well as the monsters. But considering the company has had success with toys of Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley, it seems the heroines who fight back with a full-on arsenal tend to do a little better. Don’t expect a 1978 Laurie any time soon, however, as due to weird licensing quirks, NECA has only been able to obtain the rights to the most recent film.You might think this is the first Jamie Lee Curtis action figure ever. It’s not. Back in the late ’90s, when toy companies were discovering that there was a market for R-rated movie figures, and independent manufacturers were snapping up the rights for every new property that showed any potential whatsoever, we got this:Let’s just say the toys were a lot better than the okay-but-nothing-special movie (they made a Donald Sutherland figure too!). The new Laurie, however, is special–expect to see more accessories and packaging at a later date.Does this Strode put the step in your stride?

Images: NECA, Universal Studios/Amazon.com


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