HALLOWEEN Cast and Crew Talk About Their First Experiences with Michael Myers (Exclusive)

We are mere days away from the long-awaited final confrontation between Laurie Strode ( Jamie Lee Curtis) and Michael Myers in the new  Halloween, which hits theaters on October 19 (we loved it). Directed by longtime fan of the 1978 original,  David Gordon Green, and written by Danny McBride, along with music by Michael Myers’ creator John Carpenter, this latest installment aims to create a true sequel to the original classic, retroactively placing all the other Halloween sequels right in the circular file.[brightcove video_id=”5849971846001″ brightcove_account_id=”3653334524001″ brightcove_player_id=”rJs2ZD8x”]In this exclusive video, the cast and crew of Halloween 2018 reminisce about their first times seeing the original film when they were all just kids, and the impact it made on all of their lives, not to mention the impact it had on the entire horror genre itself. After all, Michael Myers not only started a trend of iconic masked killers in films that centered around a specific day of the year, he’d also start the tradition of big screen monsters who just so happened to have regular ordinary “guy next door” names like Michael, Freddy, and Jason.“All we wanted to do was make a movie, and make a scary movie, and that’s all we cared about,” says John Carpenter of his now iconic original film, which he directed when he was just shy of 30 years old. No one back then knew they were changing the game entirely, but those who make history don’t often set realizing they’re going to do just that—it just happens anyway.Are you as excited as we are to return to Haddonfield? Be sure to let us know your thoughts down below in the comments.

Images: Universal Studios 

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