Outwit and Unmask Your Fairytale Rivals in THE GRIMM MASQUERADE

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Move over, Belle, the Beast’s rose is ours this timeIn The Grimm Masquerade from Skybound Games, don a mask and compete against your fellow fairy tale friends to win the Beast’s favor. You’ll have to use strategy and bluffing to keep your plans and your identity hidden while unmasking your competitors in this deduction game for two to six players.

Take the role of a character from The Grimm Forest and step inside the dazzling halls of the Beast’s castle. As you do, you are magically transformed into another denizen of the enchanted land. As part of the spectacular festivities, you and your masked masquerade rivals must compete to gather Artifacts and win the Beast’s favor in the form of rose tokens. Whoever ends the game with the most roses, wins.


This is no mindless party game, however. You have to make the most of your deductive reasoning skills to find out who’s actually behind the facades you see at the ball. On each turn, players gather Artifacts and choose which to keep and which to dole out to their challengers. Use your wits to match Artifacts that are the bane of the character hiding behind the mask, and their identity is revealed—but they aren’t out of the game quite yet. Players can also announce their guesses of who’s hiding behind the mask, or trade in Artifacts to take a special action.

With enough cunning, you can gather the three Artifacts that are your boon, and you win the round. The Beast’s Rose Trophy is in your sights.

Are you ready to make a run for that rose? Watch the inimitable Becca Scott teach you How to Play right here on Geek & Sundry!

The Grimm Masquerade is suitable for ages 8 and up, adding a gorgeous and enchanting option for your next family game night. Pre-orders are now open with shipping expected later this summer.

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