Watch Grey Worm and Missandei Dance on the GAME OF THRONES Set

As far as last words go, Missandei’s “dracarys” was pretty good. In her final moment before Cersei ordered her execution, Daenerys’ most reliable adviser and friend reminded the Mother of Dragons how powerful she is and how she should avenge her death. It still sucked to watch The Mountain kill her though. Missandei was among the handful of characters we were most hoping to see get a happy ending, since she has always been one of the most deserving people on the show worthy of a peaceful life. And after both her and Greyworm survived the Battle of Winterfell, we were more optimistic they really would get the chance someday to sail off to her homeland of Naathto and live out their days together. Now we expect Grey Worm to do whatever it takes to avenge her, and we doubt he’s going to still be standing at the end even if he does.

Even though Game of Thrones never cares about how upset we might be after yet another brutal death, at least actor Raleigh Ritchie who plays Grey Worm (and is also a musician) knows we’re hurting after last week’s episode. To cheer us up he shared an old behind-the-scenes video of him and co-star Nathalie Emmanuel from better days on Dragonstone, when she joined him for the Running Man Challenge while he sang Ghost Town DJs’ “My Boo” with a megaphone.

We love this video, not just because it’s really funny to see them dancing in full costume, or because it’s always great seeing these silly behind-the-scenes videos. We love this video because they’re both really good dancers. Forget “dracarys,” these two’s moves are fire. (Nope, not sorry even a little bit for that terrible pun.)

Does this make up for Missandei’s death, which felt gratuitous even for the show? No, but at night we can think of this video instead and smile.

Featured Image: HBO

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