Greta Thunberg Brings Message to Her Own TV Show

Greta Thunberg, Time magazine’s 2019 Person of the Year, is only 17 years old. We were mostly worried about getting our driver’s license at her age and our biggest concern for the future was what we were going to do after high school. Meanwhile, she’s trying to save the entire planet from disaster. The young climate change activist has continued traveling across the world to speak about the desperate need for drastic actions and why we must all help. Her passion has inspired millions of people of all ages, creeds, and nationalities. And now she’s taking her message to a medium that can reach even more, with a new series from the BBC.

BBC Studios’ Science Unit has announced it has begun development on a new series in conjunction with the Swedish government. The show “will follow Greta’s international crusade, which takes her to the front line of climate change in some of the most extraordinary places on earth, as she explores what actions could be taken to limit climate change and the damage it causes.” She will interview experts who “will lay out the science” for why the rise in global temperature needs to be limited to 1.5 degrees.

The show will continue to share her political activism. Greta will also meet with political leaders and business heavyweights. During those sit-downs, she’ll be “exploring the scientific evidence with them and challenging them to change.”

Rob Liddell, BBC Studios Executive Producer, explained in a statement why the network wanted to produce the series:
“Climate change is probably the most important issue of our lives so it feels timely to make an authoritative series that explores the facts and science behind this complex subject. To be able to do this with Greta is an extraordinary privilege, getting an inside view on what it’s like being a global icon and one of the most famous faces on the planet.”

The series will give us an inside look into Greta’s own experience as one of the most famous climate activists in the world and highlight “her own journey into adulthood as she continues to be confronted by the real world consequences of inaction.” That will include Greta sharing “some of the quiet moments” from her journey “as she writes the impactful speeches that are now broadcast and analysed around the world, as she lives a teenage life like no other.”

Learning more about Greta’s personal story should only help with her broader message for climate change action. After all she’s done in just a year, we’re looking forward to getting an inside look at her global mission.

Featured Image: BBC

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