We Fancast the GREEN LANTERN CORPS Movie

Recently rumors have been swirling that a Green Lantern Corps movie is being fast tracked, by none other than Mission Impossible writer/director Chris McQuarrie. Although the film is said to be about a veteran Lantern, in this case Hal Jordan, training younger rookie Lantern John Stewart, we think that the film should open itself up to all the Lanterns from Earth. This would make for a big team movie in space, a DC Comics version of Guardians of the Galaxy. But who should be cast as the Emerald Gladiators? Here are our choices for the actors we most want to see saying the Green Lantern oath on the big screen.

Hal Jordan – Tom Cruise

While his star might have dimmed somewhat in the last ten years, Tom Cruise is still one of the biggest stars on the planet, and he has yet to play a superhero. Well, considering his role in Top Gun is basically a young Hal Jordan, and the fact that this Green Lantern Corps script apparently calls for a Hal that is between 40 and 50 (OK, so Cruise is 55, but a pretty young looking 55!) we think this is a match made in heaven. Besides, if Chris McQuarrie is directing this, then he will probably want to re-team with his Mission Impossible buddy.

John Stewart – Ricky Whittle

Although there are plenty of young African-American actors who could play former Marine sniper turned architect turned Green Lantern John Stewart, we think none have the perfect blend of gravitas and sexiness as American Gods‘ own Shadow Moon, Ricky Whittle. Add to that, he almost looks like the animated Justice League Unlimited version of John come to life. We believe this was meant to be.

Jessica Cruz – Gina Rodriguez

The star of the CW hit Jane the Virgin, actress Gina Rodriguez has proven that she has the chops for more than just light TV comedy in movies like  Annihilation and Deepwater Horizon. She could easily play the part of trauma survivor and PTSD sufferer Jessica Cruz, the Lantern who must push through her own personal tragedy to become a hero.

Simon Baz – Firass Dirani

To portray the young Green Lantern recruit Simon Baz, one of the more recent additions to the Corps, we nominate Hacksaw Ridge actor Firass Dirani. Like the character he portrays, Dirani is of Lebanese descent, and has the necessary intensity to play the broody young Lantern. Although the Australian born actor hasn’t had a ton of big roles, this could be the perfect vehicle to introduce him to a wider audience.

Kyle Rayner – Steven Yeun

Although he is of indeterminate ethnicity in the comics, comic book artists have always tended to draw Kyle Rayner as possibly of Asian descent, so I think casting an Asian actor would make sense in this role. We all miss Steven Yeun on The Walking Dead,  where he was the heart of the group of survivors on that show. In many ways, Kyle is the heart of the Corps, so I say we give the former Walking Dead actor the part of the young graphic artist turned Green Lantern Kyle Rayner.

Guy Gardner – Kevin McKidd

Most fans know him best as a bit of a loose cannon in movies like Trainspotting, or from TV series like Grey’s Anatomy and Rome, but actor Kevin McKidd’s energy is perfect for the slightly unhinged, blue collar Lantern, Guy Gardner. McKidd is pretty much the tailor made actor to portray someone who we could see get into a bar brawl one minute, and then save the galaxy the next.

Alan Scott – Bill Skarsgård

Although he terrified us all last year as Pennywise the Clown in It, actor Bill Skarsgård is as handsome and tall as his older brother Alexander, and just oozes self confidence. This would make him the perfect actor to play original GL, Alan Scott. Now, I know that technically Scott isn’t a part of the Green Lantern Corps, instead the solitary Lantern from Earth-2, but we can change things up for the movies, as it would be nice to finally have an LGBT superhero on the big screen.

Arisia – Amanda Seyfried

Although Earth only has one female Green Lantern, I simply couldn’t make this list have only one female representative of the Corps. So we’ve chosen the alien pixie like Lantern Arisia, who received her power ring at age 13, but then later aged herself into an adult to to fit in better with the other members of the corps. Arisia comes across as sweet, but is no one to underestimate  either. We think the perfect mix of cute and strong is Amanda Seyfried, who is our #1 choice to bring Arisia to life.

Who would you like to see portray the members of the galaxy’s finest space cops? Be sure to let us know down below.

Images: DC Comics / Universal Studios / Starz / The CW / Warner Brothers /AMC / Disney

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