The Best GREAT BRITISH BAKING SHOW Cast Reunited for Martha’s Wedding!

If you’re from the States, chances are your first exposure to the charming U.K. baking series The Great British Bake Off came in the form of its Americanized Netflix version, The Great British Baking Show. The competitive baking series is unlike anything on American television. Instead of cutthroat theatrics or competitive mean streaks among contestants, we get  pleasant hourlong episodes where voices are rarely ever raised, set in the lovely outdoors, and where the beautiful baked concoctions are the true focus.

But if there was ever a true breakout moment, it was in the 2014 season (labeled “Collection 1” on American Netflix), when Northern Irish contestant Iain Watters got so frustrated about his melted Baked Alaska that he threw it in the garbage instead of presenting it for competition. The moment put him at ends with fellow contestant Diana Beard, who moved Iain’s dish from the freezer to make room for her own, thus ruining it. It’s a big talking moment for the show, but it seems the past is in the past, as Iain and Diana reunited at fellow contestant Martha Collison’s wedding this weekend. In fact, many of that season’s bakers turned up for the event. Even better? Each of them baked a cake for the bride and groom.

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My baker pals come together for beautiful Martha’s Wedding Day. It was amazing #wedding #gbbo #happydays

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Iain was spotted standing next to Diana and fellow contestants Enwezor Nzegwu, Richard Burr, Nancy Birtwhistle (winner of the season), Chetna Makan, Claire Goodwin, and Kate Henry. Another contestant, Jordan Cox, popped up in another photo. Luis Troyano and Norman Calder were the only two contestants who didn’t make it to the nuptials.

The guests flanked bride Collison, who at 17 was the youngest contestant in the show’s history. Now 22, she said “I do” to her partner Michael Haywood.

It was lovely to see everyone together and getting along, and to see Iain and Diana in such good spirits. We also have to admit our jealousy. Imagine attending that wedding and getting to taste cakes from all of those iconic Baking Show folks!

Images: Netflix

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