GRAVITY FALLS Cast Reunites for JOURNAL 3 Book Sweater Infomercial (Exclusive)

How do you make Gravity Falls Journal 3 extra special? Well, besides releasing a special edition of the book that includes removable photos and notes, fancy textures, and a signed note from Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch, you can dress said book up in a sweater. Oh My Disney got the pitch for a book sweater in a highly persuasive infomercial, and we’re delighted to offer an exclusive debut of one of the best ideas ever from the one and only Kristen Schaal, a.k.a. the voice of Mabel Pines–owner of some of the most stylish sweaters you’ve ever seen.

Schaal makes a good case for tossing aside your book jackets and covers in favor of sassy and elegant book sweaters. They make your book hip and fashionable and protect the precious surface from getting damaged by wayward jam or pizza grease-covered fingers. You can’t be too safe. But is it enough to protect the ever odd and twisting mysteries presented in the animated series?That’s where Jason Ritter, a.k.a. Dipper Pines, comes in. He recommends ditching the book sweater nonsense in favor of a Journalert. It protects all the secrets in Gravity Falls Journal 3 with chains and an impossible-to-ignore alarm. Because, like Ritter says, “Gravity Falls is real, and it will never die.” It doesn’t matter that the show ended in early 2016; fans and cast members are carrying on the torch.

Despite Ritter’s equally convincing book safety idea and the reasonable price of two million dollars for the Journalert, Hirsch prefers the book sweater. For the record, I also prefer the book sweater because one of the sweaters features a cat. That gives it insta-appeal in my book.

Would you opt for a book sweater or a Journalert? Head to the comments and tell me your preference and/or share how much you miss Gravity Falls.

Featured Image: Oh My Disney

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