Grab this Evil Dead 2 Board Game or It’ll Swallow your Soul

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The board game adaptation of one of the biggest cult classic horror films is on the way after being kickstarted in only a few days. In fact, as I am writing this, it’s already more than tripled its original goal, meaning new backers can expect some stretch goals which are already unlocked. For a $70 pledge you can get a deluxe copy of the game which is almost worth it just for the tiny plastic Ash figures it will come with. Also its box is the Necronomicon. Just saying.

We don’t know a lot about the gameplay at this point. Here’s what we DO know:  The players take on the roles of the heroes from Evil Dead 2, so have fun fighting over who gets the be Ash. The goal is to find some lost pages from the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis so you can banish the Deadites into a portal before they find a way to kill you all. All the big bads from the movie will be involved including Deadite versions of the player characters, possessed animals, killer trees, and Ash’s dismembered hand. Or is that a disembodied hand? It’s a living, crawling, murderous hand. That’s what you need to know.

If you love this movie (and I do),  this game seems like a must-buy.  In addition, while they don’t talk about expansions, I can’t imagine an Army of Darkness game can be too far behind. If you don’t know this movie, go rent it because it’s cheesy horror goodness with some of the best/worst effects and best/worst acting ever committed to celluloid.  (Another Pro Tip: Check out Bruce Campbell’s book If Chins Could Kill for some great behind-the-scenes dirt on the production of Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and the rest.)

Wait, does this game come with custom deadite dice? Well it may not swallow my soul, but it’s doing a good job of sucking up the contents of my wallet.

Are you dying to get your hands on the Evil Dead 2 board game? What other movie or TV board game adaptations do you own? What kickstarter perks tend to win your dollars when it comes to board games? Speak the words into the comments.

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