GOTHAM KNIGHTS Is Canceled at The CW, but Did it Give Us Misha Collins as Two-Face?

It’s not exactly a total shock, since The CW has been slowly putting an end to most of its superhero shows, but according to Deadline, the Batman series Gotham Knights has been canceled after only one season. It turns out that not even the star power of fan-favorite Misha Collins was enough to save Gotham from its fate.

Of course, ironically, in Gotham Knights‘ one and only season, Collin’s character Harvey Dent, a.k.a. Two-Face, was destined to become Gotham’s worst nightmare. But now, cancellation has achieved what Batman’s numerous foes could not, at least not fully.

Gotham Knights Batman and Villain children and Misha Collins as Two Face. Gotham Knights is canceled at the CW
The CW/Misha Collins

Gotham Knights mainly focuses on the story of Batman’s adopted son Turner Hayes after Bruce Wayne’s murder. Turner joins forces with unlikely allies, the children of Batman’s enemies, after they are all framed for the hero’s murder. Generational stories always hold a lot of promise, but we guess we’ll have to wait for the next, next generation to arrive to get more of this tale. Especially since Gotham Knights was unable to find a new home.

The showrunners have been trying to find a future for Gotham Knights, but they have not had success (via TVLine). They shared the below on social media. Ultimately, they said The CW wasn’t able to renew the show, and the studio wasn’t able to find a new home for it.

Previously, The CW’s Entertainment President Brad Schwartz noted, “We love all those shows, and they all do very well for us in different ways.” But apparently not well enough. Ultimately, it seems like the writing was on the wall for Gotham Knights to end up canceled.

misha Collins as Two Face on the CW canceled show Gotham Knights
The CW

However, we did get to see Misha Collins go full Two-Face in the series finale of Gotham Knights. So at least we will always have that gift to cherish. And, who knows, maybe one day he can reprise the role again in some fashion.

Originally published on June 13, 2023.

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