Google Labs Has Made An Etch-a-Sketch Just as Tough as the Real Thing

Remember your Etch-a-Sketch? That nifty drawing toy which was incredibly frustrating and unendingly hard to use? Well now you can relive that joy with this new web version of the classic creation from Google Labs. Shared by developer Rowan Merewood the net based version of the classic toy is a lot of fun… once you get the hang of using it that is.

You can use the innovative Web-A-Sketch on a touchscreen device–recommended–or browser and we’re very excited to see everyone’s attempts to create lovely art using the notoriously tough yet addictive form of childhood entertainment. The toy was invented in the late 1950s by the French inventor and toymaker André Cassagnes the first Etch-A-Sketch was released in 1960 and became the most popular toy on the market. Over the decades it became a stalwart of kids toys and gained a whole new audience when it was featured in Pixar’s groundbreaking first movie Toy Story.

It’s going to be a sketching free for all now Google Labs have unleashed their fun and fresh new take on the classic toy online and we’re sure it’ll inspire a whole new generation of Etch-A-Sketch fans and a of course a whole bunch of really janky art.

Images: Pixar, Disney

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