The GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN Trailer is an Emotional Rollercoaster

The world of Winnie the Pooh is getting the live-action treatment soon, and no, I’m not talking about a Disney live-action adaptation of their animated classic The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (although, that is in the works actually).Nope, I’m talking about the upcoming biopic Goodbye Christopher Robin, which tells the true story of how English author  A. A. Milne came up with the characters of Pooh Bear, Tigger, Piglet and the rest, and turned them into a massively successful series of children’s books. You can watch the first full trailer for the Fox Searchlight release down below.

The new film features Harry Potter and Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ star Domhnall Gleeson as author A.A. Milne, and Suicide Squad actress  Margot Robbie as his wife, Daphne. The first trailer depicts how Milne used his son Christopher Robin’s stuffed animals to inspire him to write stories about the fictional 100 Acre Wood, and how his own son became a character in these stories, which became almost instantly famous around the world. It also shows that like a lot of beloved pop culture icons, Pooh Bear’s creation is rooted in tragedy — in this instance, the trenches of World War I.While  it looks like the film begins in the horror that is the first World War, it appears like it will mostly focus on the happier times that came as a result of Milne creating the world of Pooh Bear and his friends. In other words, expect this offering to be somewhat less depressing than the story of Peter Pan creator J.M. Barrie in Finding Neverland. Goodbye Christopher Robin is set to hit UK cinemas September 29, and in North American theaters on October 17, 2017.Are you exited to learn the origins of everyone’s favorite honey loving bear? Be sure to let us know your thoughts down below in the comments.

Images: Fox Searchlight / The Walt Disney Company

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