GOOD BURGER 2 Teaser Trailer Hilariously Reunites Kenan and Kel as Dex and Ed

When it comes to iconic duos for ‘90s kids, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell rank pretty high up on the list. The comedic pair’s chemistry on Nickelodeon’s All That led to their own TV series, Kenan & Kel, and the 1997 comedy film Good Burger. The movie came from an All That sketch and soon became a pop culture hit in its own right. The way Ed says, “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger… Can I take your order?” is etched into our brains forever. So is that braided wig that Kel Mitchell randomly found on set and wore to make this character unique. A while back, we discovered that Kenan and Kel would reunite for Good Burger 2 along with other faves like Lori Beth Denberg. Now, we have our first look at Good Burger 2 with a teaser trailer that revives this story. 

It’s 25 years later, and things are mostly the same for good ole Ed. He drives his “carburger” to pick up Dexter “Dex” Reed, hitting him with it. Dex cartoonishly flips into the car and we know exactly what we are in for with this movie. The Good Burger 2 teaser trailer is ridiculous and the movie will surely be ten times that. 

poster for Good Burger 2 movie

So, what is this Good Burger sequel about anyway? Well, yet another one of Dex’s inventions is a failure. But no matter what happens, he will always have a place at Good Burger with his old buddy Ed. Dex goes back to work there, and he’s not proud of being in the same place again decades later. There’s some new faces at the restaurant in Good Burger 2, but Dex is still up to his old ways, risking everything in his latest scheme that he will drag the not-very-smart Ed into.

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell walk side by side with blue and white striped shirts on and pointed hats in good burger 2 teaser trailer

Good Burger 2 will hit Paramount+ on November 22.

Originally published on August 22, 2023.
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