The 5 Best Moments of the 2019 Golden Globes

The 76th annual Golden Globes blessed our screens on Sunday, officially kicking off awards season. Hosts Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh did an incredible job reminding us of 2018’s biggest trends and gossip points, offering a fun perspective on a show that was vastly in need of an update. Did they live up to expectations? I would say yes—they used their intro to be both positive and aware of representation this year. Sandra even gave us an extremely powerful moment during the chaos, when she took the time to acknowledge what it means to be an Asian host during these times.I can’t speak for everyone, but these were the five moments of this year’s 2019 Golden Globes that I considered the most memorable; and what I’m sure we’ll be talking about for years to come.Sandra and Andy mocking Lady Gaga’s “99” speech

If you’ve been paying attention this year, you’ve heard A Star Is Born‘s Lady Gaga going hard about how she got the part in her respective movie. “There can be 100 people in the room, and you just need one to believe in you,” she’s said along the way. Oh and Samberg both parodied this moment during the ceremony’s opening number to amazing effect, as Gaga roared in the audience, clearly in on the joke.“I’m sorry!”During that opening speech, Oh made a joke that Crazy Rich Asians was one of the first big films to star an Asian cast in a main role since Aloha. That was a jab at the Cameron Crowe film where Emma Stone played a character who was partially Asian. As Oh made this joke, Stone was heard in the audience saying a bashful, “I’m sorry!”Sandra Oh: [“Crazy Rich Asians”] is the first studio film with an Asian American lead since “Ghost in the Shell” and “Aloha.”

Idris Elba and Taylor Swift announcing awards

In case you forgot, 2019 will gift us a movie featuring Idris Elba and Taylor Swift as cats in Tom Hooper’s adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats. Tonight’s ceremony made sure that wouldn’t slip our minds, by featuring the two as presenters. Is this movie actually real? No one can say for sure, but this is the most salient evidence so far.Carol Burnett won a big award named after her

Burnett spent a lot of time speaking to the award given in her honor, the first TV trophy fully named after her and her legacy. Back in her day, television was a different deal than the streaming behemoth it is now. She both acknowledged that change and paid her respects to the new reality, reminding us what true class looks like.Regina King promised to give women the mic in 2019

There were so many amazing conversations and speeches about women in film this year. A major one came when Regina King won for If Beale Street Could Talk and promised that within the next few years, she would make sure every project she produced had a 50% female staff. That’s what it means to use your awards show profile for good! We can’t wait to see how this one plays out.

Image: NBC

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