There’s a New GOLDEN GIRLS Trivial Pursuit Game!

So you think you’re the ultimate expert in Golden Girls trivia! After all, you’ve seen all 180 episodes (214 if you count the Bea Arthur-less spin-off Golden Palace) countless times as reruns on Lifetime over the years, and when you overhear someone say, “Condoms, Rose! Condoms!” you know exactly where that quote comes from. Well, now you have a way to show off your expertise on all things Dorothy, Sophia, Rose and Blanche with the new Golden Girls Trivial Pursuit game from Think Geek, which we’ve learned about thanks to the folks over at The Laughing Squid.

There’s a New GOLDEN GIRLS Trivial Pursuit Game!_1

According to the official description, if you happen to remember the episode where Dorothy tries out for Jeopardy, it’s your turn to shine with all your knowledge about the Golden Girls themselves. Taken from across all seven seasons of the show, these 600 questions quiz you on all aspects of the beloved series. You don’t have to deal with questions about Geography or Sports & Leisure. Instead, the categories are The Ladies, Family Matters, Who Said It?, Men of the Night (this will mostly be about Blanche, we imagine), Locations, and Words of Wisdom.

There’s a New GOLDEN GIRLS Trivial Pursuit Game!_2

The Golden Girls Trivial Pursuit is the perfect gift for the über-fan in your life, even if that über-fan just happens to be you. And it’s perfect to play out on the lanai with a slice of cheesecake, for the full Golden Girls experience. The game is now available for $19.99 from ThinkGeek.

Are you ready to show off your Golden Girls knowledge to all your friends and loved ones? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments.

Images: Think Geek / Walt Disney Company

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