Meet the Surfers Trying to Ride Godzilla’s “Monster Wave”

Some surfers look out on a vast blue ocean and see opportunity. They see the possibilities presented by the power and wonder of a violent sea, a chance to test themselves in a steely showdown between man and mother nature. Theirs is a battle fought with nothing more than a surfboard and guts. Others look at those people and see cowards, for they do not seek to challenge themselves against the greatest and deadliest Earth has to offer. They are a special group of adventure hunters who answer when air sirens warn others to flee, people who comb the globe looking for true monster waves. Because only one kind of wave offers both gigantic rewards and unimaginable risk. These are the surfers who seek Godzilla waves.

Nerdist Presents the new short documentary “Monster Surf,” about three friends who have dedicated their lives to the ultimate waves, those created when the great Godzilla rises from the ocean floor to reclaim dominion over the Earth. It’s not an easy life. They must be ever vigilant trying to anticipate which shore the King of the Monsters will emerge from next, and then they need to avoid being stepped on, which is not exactly a common worry for other surfers.


They also need to be on high alert if they ever plan to catch a King Ghidorah wave. This might be Godzilla’s world, but if given the opportunity Ghidorah is straight up going to eat all three of them.

At the same time.

You can’t surf a “Monster Wave” without an actual monster.



Haley Mancini – Maya Hutcherson
Zach Fairless – Duke Kenny
Bryan McGowan – Slater Hill


Directed & Produced by Jason Nguyen
Produced by Erik Kozura
Written by Joan Ford
Edited by Matt Caron
VFX by Rowan Heap
Colorist Andy Inglat
Title Design by Ken Nguyen
Additional VFX by Charles Shattuck
Director of Photography Connor Heck
1st AD Kevin Moon
1st AC Patrick Geraghty
1st AC (Underwater Cam) Jacqueline Lehr
2nd AC Genna Palmero
Gaffer Seth Stern
Key Grip Martin Taube
Sound Mixer Evan Freeman
Wardrobe Stylist Christina Bushner
Wardrobe Assistant Morgan Thompson
Key HMU Cici Andersen
Production Designer Samantha Redinger
Production Manager Katy Hampton
Set Medic Matt Palamartz Key
Set PA Austin Davis
PA Jordan Rockower
PA Dan Kleba
PA Jon Odate

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