GODZILLA VS. KONG Trailer Is Even Better with a Cat

We’re pretty dang excited for Godzilla vs. Kong here at Nerdist. The first trailer for the upcoming film really has it all. A giant lizard and giant ape in combat. Neon lights aplenty. And epic music to sell the whole big, ridiculous, exciting project—the culmination of several new movies set in the MonsterVerse. But there’s one thing the Godzilla vs. Kong trailer didn’t have: a cat. Until now, that is.

A YouTuber that goes by JKK Films put his cat, Wayne, into the trailer, and it’s incredible. There’s something so special about a giant super-imposed kitty yawning in the background while the big monster boys fight. It’s perfectly in keeping with cat logic. Even giant cats are pretty unfazed by major things going on around them.

A cat inserted into the trailer of Godzilla vs. Kong.JKK Films

There’s no logical reason for Wayne to be in this Godzilla vs. Kong footage. The YouTuber didn’t really bother to factor him into the story. In some scenes, he replaces footage of Godzilla storming through the city. But this isn’t a video where logic matters all that much. The important thing is that Wayne is just hanging out, majestic as a cat can be, an anecdote to the explosive action going on around him. Nothing better than that.

JKK Films’ trailer remix is also just another way to pump ourselves up for Godzilla vs. Kong. That film, directed by Adam Wingard and featuring a sprawling cast (Alexander Skarsgård! Millie Bobby Brown! Kyle Chandler! Bryan Tyree Henry!), comes out just next month, on March 31. Even better? It’ll be released in theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously. So if you’re worried about venturing to the nearest multiplex, you can enjoy the big action from the safety of your own home.

We can’t wait to see Godzilla vs. Kong, even though we’ll miss Wayne’s presence.

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