GODZILLA MINUS ONE/MINUS COLOR Clip Unleashes Godzilla’s Atomic Fury

After releasing in North American theaters on December 1, Takashi Yamazaki’s Godzilla Minus One quickly became a sensation. The original version of the King of the Monsters a whole new fanbase. Grossing $55 million domestically so far, Godzilla Minus One is now the third highest-grossing foreign language film in history. It also just got an Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects. But if you’ve only seen the color version, Toho has released another version, Godzilla Minus One/Minus Color, which is a version of the film in black and white. There’s now a clip from the colorless version on social media, which you can watch down below.

If you thought Godzilla Minus One already had similar vibes to the classic 1954 version, you’ll feel that even more so with this black and white version. In the clip, we see the iconic kaiju unleash his atomic fury on several ships sent out to stop him. Let’s just say they don’t fare too well when the big guy gets mad. Godzilla slowly emerging out of the water evokes the way we first see the great white shark in Steven Spielberg’s original Jaws. And it’s pretty fantastic. Here’s the official synopsis for the film from Toho International.

In postwar Japan, Godzilla brings new devastation to an already scorched landscape. With no military intervention or government help in sight, the survivors must join together in the face of despair and fight back against an unrelenting horror. 

Poster art for Godzilla Minus One/Minus Color in black and white
Toho International

Godzilla Minus One is a film that truly deserves a viewing on the big screen, whether it’s with color or without. For those of you who haven’t caught Godzilla Minus One in theaters yet, you have only two days left to see it. It leaves North American theaters for good on February 1, so get there right now.

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