GOD OF WAR’s Powerful Soundtrack Gets a Vinyl Release

If you have a beloved soundtrack from a genre television series, chances are it was composed by Bear McCreary. From the striking Battlestar Galactica soundtrack to the heart-pounding theme from The Walking Dead, McCreary is a talented composer who heightens every emotion in his pieces.

His work on God of War is no exception. From the beating drums and sweeping vocals of the opening “God of War” theme, to quieter moments between Kratos and BOY Atreus, McCreary’s soundtrack adds a vital component to the game. And now, thanks to Mondo, you can own the soundtrack in a collectible vinyl edition.

Currently available for pre-order, the God of War original video game soundtrack comes in two colored 180 gram vinyl; it will also be available in black vinyl. The album sleeve artwork features incredible portraits of both Kratos and Atreus in original pieces by Jeff Langevin.

The two vinyl records contain the complete soundtrack, with compositions that are both intense and reflective, much like the game itself. The music is an unforgettable companion on the father and son’s journey through unwelcoming forests and lakes to lay the ashes of a loved one to rest.

If you’re undecided because you haven’t yet heard the score for the PlayStation 4 game, or if you just can’t wait long enough for your pre-order from Mondo to arrive, you can listen to the soundtrack for free right now on Spotify.

The God of War vinyl soundtrack will be available in mid-June, and you can place a pre-order through Mondo now for $35.00.

Do you have a favorite piece of music from God of War? Tell us about it in the comments.

Featured Image and Artwork: Mondo / Santa Monica Studio

Other Image: Santa Monica Studio

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