An Actual Go-Kart Soccer Battle Brings ROCKET LEAGUE to the Real World

With the FIFA World Cup in full swing and football fever sweeping the globe, the dudes (and panda) over at Dude Perfect have decided to add a new twist to the world’s most popular sport: go-karts. Known for their sports videos of impressive trick shots and stunts, the Dude Perfect team’s latest is a three-on-three game of go-kart soccer that begs comparison to Rocket League, a car-based video game that combines the best of soccer and monster truck rallies all to the sounds of EDM. While the video does not feature any of the high-flying cars from Rocket League, it does showcase the exhilarating, absurdist fun that comes with mixing soccer with cars. Also, for those wondering, the video does indeed include EDM.

Ever since the United States National Team failed to qualify for the World Cup, soccer madness seems to be at an all-time high in the States as the country yearns more than ever to compete on the world stage. This shouldn’t be a problem soon, though, as the United States along with Mexico and Canada has just won a joint bid to host the World Cup in 2026.

And since host countries automatically qualify to compete, the country can rest easy knowing that, at least for 2026, the national team is guaranteed to play ball. Until then, fans of the sport can root for this dude in a panda suit to unleash panda-monium on the field as he scores an absolute stunner of a goal. It’s honestly a beaut. Your move, Ronaldo.

Image: Psyonix

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