Go Behind The Scenes With Critical Role: Q&A Catch-Up

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Ever wonder what the players do to prep for an episode? What have they learned from interrogating animals? Vox Machina has done several Q&As, talking about the game, memorable moments, and lessons they’ve learned over the years. Catch up with the behind-the-scenes info with these fantastic Q&A Sessions.

Q&A And Battle Royale: The cast hosted a Q&A and did a head-on-head battle between Kashaw, Grog, Kayleth, and Zahra.  Fun times!

Q&A And Battle Royale Part II: Another fantastic Q&A. The players even discussed whether or not they’d cry if their character died. Again, the Q&A is capped off with a finale battle royale between Pike, Keyleth, Vax, and Percy.

Talks Machina Q&A: Talks Machina is the fantastic Critical Role aftershow, and this episode is a laid back chat that offers a ton of fantastic insight from cast members Laura Bailey, Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, and Liam O’Brien.

What questions would you ask Matt and the Critical Role cast? Tell us in the comments!

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