These Glowing Rocks Look Like Something Out of INDIANA JONES

Legend says the Hindu god Shiva gave five powerful stones, each with a diamond inside that would glow when they were brought together, to Sankara. They make for an amazing sight, but to see them means possibly risking having your heart ripped from your chest. Fortunately a newly-discovered type of glowing rock has been unearthed in Michigan, and they look just like the ones Indiana Jones was after in The Temple of Doom.

According to CBS News, gem and mineral aficionado Erik Rintamaki was hunting for rocks on a Lake Superior beach in Michigan when came across a rock that had light coming from its cracks. It was an incredible find, but when when he returned to look for more he couldn’t locate any others until he came back with a black light. Since then he has found so many he sells them online and brings others out to look for them.

Finding a glowing rock would be incredible enough on its own (though also a little scary because you can’t rule out the chances it contains an ancient evil spirit), but when he tried to look up information about them none existed. That led him to seek out help from experts, and after months of research from Michigan State and the University of Saskatewan he was told he had found an all new rock. He named his discovery “ Yooperlites” after the nickname for people who live in Michigan’s upper peninsula, but heir scientific name is “syenite clasts containing fluorescent sodalite,” which obviously doesn’t have the marketability of Yooperlites.

What scientists will never be able to tell us because though don’t understand certain mystical powers though is whether or not Yooperlites will help us go forth and battle evil. But it’s okay even if they don’t, because they’re still very cool to look at, and we don’t have to risk falling into a pit of crocodiles to see them.

What else do these glowing rocks remind you of besides Sankara Stones? Dig into our comments below with your best comparison.

Featured Image: Paramount Pictures

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