New GLASS Clip Pits the Beast Against David Dunn

Spoiler warning: This video goes into spoiler territory, so look away now if you want to go into the movie pure.

Though the  first reviews for Glass may have left audiences split–pun very much intended–there has still been 19 years of build up, two beloved movies, and a whole world of fans who can’t wait to see the worlds that M. Night Shyamalan created in Unbreakable and Split collide. And in a new clip Entertainment Weekly shared on Twitter, we get to see just that as the two core characters face off against each other in an abandoned warehouse.

The sequence pits Bruce Willis‘ David Dunn against James McAvoy‘s the Beast in an empty building that seems to have been housing more kidnapped teenage girls. It’s an epic battle; the two apparently super-powered men fight each other and generally showcase just how bloody strong they really are. Shyamalan looks to be attempting to answer the age old question: “What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?” Here, the answer seems to be grappling in a large empty space and eventually throwing each other out a window!We’ll be very interested to see how this fits into the rest of Shyamalan’s divisive but still eagerly awaited film. The sequel to Unbreakable and Split hits screens on January 18.

Images: Universal

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