Give Thanks for Puppies in Disney Costumes

It’s Thanksgiving week, which means most of us get at least one day of respite from work/school/responsibilities to stuff ourselves silly, scour the internet for Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, enter our Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway (cough), and watch the Macy’s Day Parade. This year, we’re thankful for oh so many things — that day off,  Guardians of the Galaxy releasing digitally this week so we can dance along to burn away the carbs we just binged on, the recent slew of new video games to play… oh, and puppies. Cute, fluffy, silly puppies. Luckily for us, Oh My Disney is thankful for puppies, too. So thankful, in fact, that they dressed a bunch of puppies in Disney costumes for our viewing pleasure.

Puppies in wigs. Puppies on magic carpets. Puppy mermaids, puppy princesses, puppy Olaf, pupp pirates, and puppy Mickey Mouses (Mickey Mice?). Set to the tune of some seriously dramatic music, these slo-mo puppies are dressed up as everyone’s favorite Disney characters. From Elsa and Rapunzel to Captain Jack Sparrow, Mickey Mouse, and Flynn Rider, Oh My Disney, Disney’s pop culture blog, has all the big fandoms covered. They’ve also provided some handy outtakes from the adorable shoot. Look upon these pups in their full costumed majesty in the gallery below:

All the puppies from Oh My Disney’s photoshoot are available for adoption in Los Angeles, CA at Hands, Paws & Hearts. If you’re looking to rescue an animal in need this holiday season, what better inspiration than this?

Images: Oh My Disney

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