Cook More of Your Fav GILMORE GIRLS Recipes with This Cookbook

If Gilmore Girls has a continuing theme aside from the importance of friendship and family, it’s food. Takeout, fancy canapes, everything we watch Sookie make—all the snacks and meals add a certain kind of comfort to Lorelai and Rory’s story. Eat Like a Gilmore, an unofficial Gilmore Girls cookbook by Kristi Carlson, highlights some of many delicious menus in the show, including Luke’s coffee cake.

That cookbook was successfully funded through Kickstarter and can now be found at bookstores and online. But one cookbook isn’t enough. Carlson’s back with a follow-up, The 2nd Unofficial Gilmore Girls Cookbook.

Even though the initial release had over 100 recipes, there’s plenty more territory to cover. Carlson is focusing on food from around Stars Hollow this time around with recipes inspired by Weston’s, Al’s Pancake World, and the town’s many festivals. She’s also including some mood food, such as the spread Lorelai would assemble for movie night.

It’s almost hard to imagine how much edible territory is still left to cover. If you need more Gilmore Girls recipes in your life, you can support the cookbook on Kickstarter by placing a preorder. If the project is fully funded, estimated delivery is December 2018.

Did you buy the first installment of Eat Like a Gilmore? What food in Gilmore Girls makes you have cravings? Tell us in the comments.

Images: Kristi Carlson, Warner Bros., Netflix

Amy Ratcliffe is an Associate Editor for Nerdist. Follow her on Twitter and keep up with her Disney food adventures on Instagram.

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