Gillian Anderson Is a Wacky Sex Therapist in First SEX EDUCATION Trailer

Who doesn’t want to hear Gillian Anderson talking about sex? Well, in the trailer for her new Netflix original series Sex Education, that question is answered as her long suffering son played by Asa Butterfield deals with having a sex therapist as a mother. And it looks like it will be a whole bunch of silly, soft, and occasionally cringe-inducing fun.

The sweet little trailer promises a funny and exceedingly awkward experience that focuses on Anderson’s forward sex therapist and her socially introverted virgin son as he embarks on a new school and a potential new career following in the footsteps of his mother. Anderson seems to be on top form here, luxuriating in the role of an embarrassing mother who just wants the best for her son, her patients, and their sex lives. The action really gets going though when Butterfield decides to start an unsanctioned sex clinic in his new high school at the behest of a young girl that he has a crush on, leading to a whole bunch of hijinx, self discovery, self love, and, hopefully, education.Sex Education looks like it’ll be a fun, fresh, and cozy comedy which has the potential to be another big hit for Netflix—who’ve been excelling in the sweet and subversive comedy genre of late—as who amongst us doesn’t wish that Gillian Anderson would listen to us and soothingly make us feel better about life, sex, love, and all things in between? The show from Laurie Nunn is set to debut on the streaming service on January 11.

Images: Netflix


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