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No matter the holiday you celebrate this time of year, every day can feel like  Winter’s Crest in Whitestone when you pick the perfect present for the Critical Role fan in your life! Critters are obviously big fans of the show, so you might think they’re easy to shop for thanks to the incredible merchandise available on the store. But we’ve also got some ideas that go beyond official merchandise to put a personal touch on the gifts you give to your fellow Critters this year.

Officially Good Gifts


That’s not to say you shouldn’t get some official merchandise, of course! The store now has updated How Do You Want To Do This? hoodies in stock, so if you or your friends missed your chance, you can now get your hands on the soft sweatshirt. While you’re there, pre-order the new The Chronicles of Exandria Vol. 2 art book, which should begin shipping near the end of November.

And if your friends dutifully enter the Wyrmwood Gaming giveaway during every live episode, you can make their dreams come true by ordering a dice vault. Dice vault prices begin at $25.00 and increase with the rarity of the wood, so you’ll be able to find just the right Wyrmwood piece without breaking the bank.

(Don’t forget! You can still use Wyrmwood’s CRITROLE coupon code for free shipping in the U.S., and CRITROLEWORLDWIDE for $10 off international shipping.)


And then there’s new friend and occasional sponsor of Critical Role, The Rook and the Raven! While the new Far Traveler’s Notebook isn’t yet available, there are campaign diary notebooks for both players and DMs keeping notes during their D&D sessions that also make great gifts.


Last and certainly not least, if you’ve been waiting for just the right moment to get your friends into playing D&D and going on your own adventures together, splurge on the new D&D Core Rules Gift Set from Wizards of the Coast! The beautiful tomes–Players Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual–and the Dungeon Master’s screen all feature a one-of-a-kind limited edition design. Luckiest. Friends. Ever.

Gifts for the Magnificent Mansion

Your Critter buddies will love inviting The Mighty Nein into their homes for the holidays with unofficial goodies inspired by Critical Role. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Fans of Nott the Brave will love having a comically large metal flask of their very own, just like the one Sam Riegel wields every week.


If a trip with Caleb Widogast to the library sounds like a dream come true, Cantrip Candles makes it easy to close your eyes and pretend you’re right there with their Library Scriptorium candle. Cantrip Candles offers a variety of scents to improve your D&D experiences during a session, from a mossy chapel to a bustling tavern. (Orders resume shipping December 1.)

You can also find Mighty Nein-inspired candles and scents from Etsy seller Melted Mythos; Jester’s Pastries sounds like a mouth-watering scent the little blue tiefling would adore.

Speaking of lovely scents, give your best Critter friends the gift of a bath and hot tea, and they’ll be your best friends forever. Critical Baths offers a “Winter in Wildemount” bath bomb set that even comes with a Tusk Love ornament! And over at Friday Afternoon Tea, which has a storefront in Seattle, WA, you will find RPG class inspired tea blends to add even more coziness to a winter’s night.


And finally, if the Critter on your shopping list could use a familiar, you don’t have to work too hard to summon one. These glass cat paperweights from Uncommon Goods are a wink to Frumpkin and will be constant companions on a Critter’s desk.

Stocking Stuffers

A gift doesn’t have to be big to be thoughtful! Jewelry pieces inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and Critical Role, or even just a small stocking stuffer, can give your recipient a big smile as well.

Kiri Sticker Sheets from Black Ash Creations guarantee a laugh for anyone who’s a fan of the adorable kenku.


Small jewelry can make a big impact, like these officially licensed Beholder Stud Earrings from Han Cholo. If you’ve had your eye on Taliesin Jaffe’s D&D ampersand necklace, you’ll also find it at Han Cholo, along with a Mimic pendant, enamel pins, an epic Beholder ring, and much more.


If the Critter on your list prefers something a little more minimalistic but no less personal and meaningful, visit Paola’s Pixels for gorgeous class enamel pins and other D&D inspired accessories.

And finally, we know we said “small,” but this is a BIG d20 die from Kraken Dice just perfect for the Goliath in your life–or a friend who wants to roll like Grog Strongjaw.

Make a Donation In Their Name

If you’d love to get the cast of Critical Role something to celebrate the holidays this year, or your friends prefer charity donations to gifts, here’s a list of the cast’s preferred charities for your financial support or your time:

What’s on your Critmas list this year? Tell us in the comments.


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