Grab This Giant Working Mecha Suit for Only $3 Million

I know the old saying “money can’t buy happiness,” but I’m not so sure about that. It’s true money can’t buy certain things that bring me joy. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t pay for lots of stuff that does, though. And you know what would make me very happy after a lifetime of watching sci-fi movies and TV shows like Aliens and Gundam? Owning my very own operational mecha suit, that’s what. Do you have any idea how much I’d like that? Of course you do! It would bring you tremendous pleasure, as well. Now back to the original problem: that giant mecha source of happiness costs three million dollars.

The “transformable” ARCHAX robot from Tokyo’s Tsubame Industries makes science fiction an engineering reality. The machine (which we first heard about at Kotaku) stands more than 14.7-feet tall and weighs an imposing 3.5-tons. It’s impressive as a piece of art, except this is no stationary device. It has two working modes, as it can go from upright robot mode to vehicle mode when a pilot climbs into the steel cockpit inside the four-wheeled device’s chest.

A giant blue and yellow mecha suit inside a warehouse
Tsubame Industries

From there the operator can use a joystick and foot pedals to make it go. Pilots can move the robot’s articulated arms and hands, which is when it really comes alive. (Good luck watching that video and not geeking out.) ARCHAX can only get up to six miles-per-hour but, considering its weight, that’s really best for literally everyone.

The air-conditioned cockpit also comes equipped with four monitors attached to nine cameras. They provide a live look at your surroundings, that way you can safely show off your pricey mecha suit to friends and also keep an eye out for rogue Xenomorphs. Honestly, even a monster alien would find this impressive. They might even ask to use it. ARCHAX is somehow even cooler than it sounds.

You and your fellow super wealthy friends can pre-order your ARCHAX now. For three million dollars you’ll also get to choose from one of six colors: Sapphire Blue, Pearl White, Spark Red, Atlantis Green, and Midnight Purple.

No matter the color you opt for, I hope yours brings you much joy. For the record, it would make me feel very good to take your mecha suit out for a test drive if you buy it for three million dollars. Your money can certainly buy me happiness.

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