Giant Robot Hellboy Statue is a Beautiful Mechanical Monster

Hellboy is super cool. Giant Mechagodzilla-style robots? They’re cool too. Know what’s even better than either of those? A giant robot Hellboy. And now, you’ll be able to display your very own Giant Robot Hellboy in your own home, as a Dark Horse Direct limited edition statue. Dark Horse Direct is only manufacturing 500 of these, and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola designed them. You can check out the first images of this amazing statue right here:

Giant Robot Hellboy statue stands over the ruins of a city.
Dark Horse Direct

This exclusive statue, meticulously sculpted by the creative team at Mantic Games, comes painted to look like the day they built this giant bad boy. Wielding his massive mechanical Right Hand of Doom, Giant Robot Hellboy stands approximately 12” inches tall, hovering over a demolished city base approximately, 9” inches wide. This is one imposing demonic mechanical kaiju.

Close up of Robot Hellboy's mechanical mugg.
Dark Horse Direct

So does Giant Robot Hellboy have a comic book counterpart? Not quite. At least, not yet. Giant Robot Hellboy was a character Mignola came up with when he was doing daily sketches, back in the early days of the pandemic. Dark Horse later published many of those pieces in the Mike Mignola: The Quarantine Sketches hardcover book. But back then, Robot Hellboy was just a concept. Now, his creator has fleshed out his backstory. And it’s as cool as you’d imagine.

Hellboy's mechanical Right Hand of Doom.
Dark Horse Direct

“What if Giant Robot Hellboy was built by a secret group of Japanese scientists and abandoned in the 1950’s? What if they discovered it in a cave in Japan in 1972, then turned it over to the American government? And what if a retired carnival hypnotist transferred Hellboy’s mind into this Robot when there was an emergency situation that called for it?” Ok, we need a comic book to go with this statue, ASAP. And maybe a movie too.

Giant Robot Hellboy stands over a ruined cityscape.
Dark Horse Direct

Each statue comes with a certificate of authenticity, and are now available for pre-order for $179.99. The Giant Robot Hellboy statue ships late in fall 2023.

The backside of Giant Robot Hellboy, complete with mechanical tail.
Dark Horse Direct

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