An Engineer Built a Giant Remote-Controlled LEGO Helicopter That Really Flies

You can create wonderful things with nothing more than a bucket of LEGOs and a great imagination, but one engineer has taken that concept a step further—or should we say a step up, up, up!—by crafting a giant scale model LEGO helicopter that really flies.

Adam Woodworth built this 10x scale (that we came across at Gizmodo) of the helicopter from LEGO’s old International Jetport set. To keep the weight down (it comes in at just over 4.5 pounds) so it would be easier to get off the ground, he made it entirely from sheet EPS that he then covered with 3mm foam, which he decorated with a 16-inch hand-carved foam pilot and matching paint job. However, it doesn’t get its lift from its main single rotor and tail rotor (though both spin to complete the effect); instead, it takes flight thanks to the four quadcopter motors he attached to the landing skid. The result is one of the coolest looking remote-operated toys we’ve ever seen.

If someone gave us that as a present when we were kids we would have lost our minds. That’s also how we would react if someone gave it to us right now.

This isn’t even the first flying super-sized scale LEGO model he has made. He previously made an amazing LEGO plane.

We want to take both out for a ride right now, which is why the only downside is that Woodworth writes that “as with all my builds, this is strictly for fun,” so he has no intention of selling his helicopter or a kit to make your own. Though he does say he “will be glad to answer questions about the build” to help anyone who wants to make their own.

And just like this helicopter, that’s a wonderful offer for anyone creative enough to try to build one themselves.

What LEGO aircraft would you like to see him build next? Land your best idea in our comments section below.

Featured Image: Adam Woodworth

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