Realistic Waves Crash Through Seoul In Giant Optical Illusion

A Seoul-based design company has turned South Korea’s largest high-definition outdoor advertising screen into a sloshing ocean, and the scene is quite surreal. The company refers to its digital ocean illustration as “an anamorphic illusion,” but the word “illusion” understates the realism here. The digital art display is so vivid, in fact, that it looks like there could be an explosive Mission: Impossible moment at any given time.

The design company behind the work, d’strict, just posted the video online. The work’s title is simply WAVE. D’strict doesn’t give any explanation as to why it chose to make WAVE, but there’s no doubt that the artwork captures both the beauty of the ocean and the terror of its ability to crash down on one’s head.

Seoul-based design company, d'strict, has made an extraordinary work of public art in South Korea.

People in the shot to get a sense of WAVE’s scale. d’strict

What d’strict does note, however, is that the outdoor advertising screen is massive. Apparently the screen is 80.1 meters wide and 20.1 meters tall, or roughly 263 feet wide and 66 feet tall. Although even without the specs on the screen, its tremendous size and grandeur are obvious. Take a look at how the giant urban aquarium dwarfs the tiny people on the ground.

Although WAVE definitely stands out amongst d’strict’s portfolio, much of the company’s other work is almost as jaw-dropping. Check out the company’s 2019 show reel, for example (below). The visuals are almost as stunning as those generated by Unreal Engine 5.

d’strict’s 2019 demo reel. 

What do you think about this giant piece of digital artwork? Do you want to see more massive, moving illustrations, or would you prefer to keep your hometown as free of screens as possible? And what’s your favorite one of d’strict’s crazy, visual displays? Tell us about all the ways WAVE moves you in the comments!

Feature image: d’strict

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