Concept Video Imagines a Giant Nuclear-Powered Sky Hotel Airplane

Nuclear fusion remains one of the great dreams of science. The possibilities of that clean, affordable, renewable energy could transform the planet forever. We haven’t unlocked that technology yet, though. And every report that someone is “close” to cracking the code comes with even more skepticism. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t imagine what nuclear fusion would make possible. Nor is anyone limited to thinking about the best, most practical, most helpful uses for it. A concept video shows how that sustainable energy could make a gigantic floating sky hotel possible. With an airplane that would combine the luxury of a modern cruise liner with the ostentatious spaceship from WALL-E.

Tony Holmsten came up with the concept for a massive floating sky hotel airplane, which Hashem Al-Ghaili brought to life with this animated video. Everything about this design is grand. And we mean that in all the best and worst ways.

This nuclear-powered hotel would be big enough to accommodate over 5000 guests flying above the clouds. Onboard they’d be able to enjoy 360-degree view from a giant hull. There they could star gaze or see aurora borealis up close. That area would connect via elevator to the main entertainment deck, which would feature shopping malls, sports centers, swimming pools, restaurants, bars, playgrounds, theaters, and cinemas And whether you want to get married high in the air or just enjoy a long vacation, viewing domes with balconies would make for some stunning photo ops.

Concept art of a gigantic floating sky hotel airplane
Hashem Al-Ghaili

Even more amazing is the idea the hotel airplane would never have to land. That’s because it would run on 20 electric engines powered solely by clean nuclear energy. That would happen via a small nuclear reactor relying on “highly controlled fusion reaction” for unlimited energy.

That would ensure the ship never ran out of fuel and could stay in the air for years. Full-sized commercial planes that dock on the ship would bring visitors aboard. (Which really shows the comical size of this theoretical monster.) Turbulence wouldn’t even be a problem! The sky hotel would use artificial intelligence to predict air turbulence.

Concept art of a gigantic floating sky hotel airplane showing a commercial plane docked
Hashem Al-Ghaili

So, you know, total science fiction. At least for now. Maybe someday if mankind really does learn how to harness nuclear fusion this ship will really take to the sky. But if it does we hope humanity first used the technology to solve problems on the ground first. WALL-E is a warning, not a “how-to.”

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