Giant K’Nex Roller Coaster Will Bring Out Your Inner Child

We regularly marvel at the endlessly creative things people do with LEGO. But K’Nex also allows for some epic structures. Such as this new, backyard-sized K’Nex roller coaster from writer and model builder CoasterWriter. It’s simply massive—in relative terms—and we could even see some LEGO minifigures having raucous fun on the ride. (Or K’Nex figures if those are a thing?)

Digg picked up on CoasterWriter’s epic K’Nex coaster, which the builder recently posted to his YouTube channel. The builder refers to the roller coaster as the “Magnum XL-300,” which is a dual reference. The “300” refers to the coaster’s tallest point, which is 300 centimeters above ground level; “Magnum XL” refers to the Magnum XL-200, a famously tall roller coaster in Ohio.

In the video, CoasterWriter shows a few rounds of the Magnum XL-300 running through its ride sequence. It begins each pass by pulling the coaster train up a lift hill with a hand-cranked pulley system. Once released, the K’Nex coaster rockets through a series of twisty turns, bunny hills, tunnels, and, of course, a big ol’ loop.


At the end of the ride, the coaster train passes by a Magnum XL-300 sign. (CoasterWriter seems especially proud of this.) Then, it finally comes to an ultra-smooth stop. (IRL coaster builders who don’t care about spines, take note!)


While it’s unclear how many hours CoasterWriter invested in Magnum XL-300, he’s been working on it for months. Which, again, is the kind of dedication that LEGO builders usually exhibit. Perhaps CoasterWriter could try out a combination of the two for his next creation? Or maybe even a K’Nex roller coaster that plays music as it flies along its track? It’s not such a ludicrous proposition based on what we’ve seen from Guinness World Records recently. And, just like the Magnum XL-300, it would help to bring out all of our inner children.

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