As a millennial, it’s not very often that I am jealous of Gen Z. But, when it comes to dolls, I totally hate that I was already an adult (and a mom) when Monster High dolls hit the shelves in 2010. I thought they were delightful alternatives to Barbies that celebrated sci-fi, fantasy, and goth culture. Sure, I was able to play with them thanks to my daughter, but it would have been cool to have them around during my childhood. Barbie is still holding strong and gaining a whole new generation of fans thanks to a certain movie. However, Monster High dolls still rule among the youths. The Monster High Skullector series already boasts Jack Skellington and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas as well as the Universal Monsters. Now, Monster High is adding a Creature from the Black Lagoon doll into the Skullector mix. 

Creature from the Black Lagoon Monster High doll photo in CGI water

For those who aren’t familiar, Creature from the Black Lagoon is a 1954 monster horror film. It follows a group of scientist who encounter a humanoid amphibious creature in the waters of the Amazon. It’s a rather strange film (in a good way) that influenced many monster flicks to come. It’s hard to believe but that strange creature is turning 70 in 2024. So that’s why Monster High is bringing a Creature from the Black Lagoon doll into its popular lineup.


The doll captures the creature’s odd mix of human and fish, transforming the frightening Gill-man into a stylish Gill-lady. We bet Kay Lawrence wouldn’t run away from this version of the monster. Well done, Mattel Creations!

The Monster High Creature from the Black Lagoon Skullector doll will be available on Friday, April 26 at 9am PT via Mattel Creation’s website. I don’t know about you, but I will be adding it to my collection for sure.