Get Your Pokemon Celebration On at the Japan LA Pop-Up Shop

Are you in the LA area looking for a chill way to celebrate the official  Pokémon day? In collaboration with the Pokémon Company, Japan LA is hosting a pop-up shop featuring all sorts of Pokémon-themed merch. You’ll be able to nab a lot of pocket monster gear from specialty designers, and store exclusives, so make sure to head out to the shop if you want to grab anything. The festivities will begin February 27 at 6pm, and the shop will be open every consecutive day through March 27.

Opening night will feature activities like a Pokémon photo booth, trivia, and even gifts for those who purchase items.

The year of pocket monsters is in full swing, folks.

Nintendo isn’t holding anything back for the 20th anniversary of the original RPGs. It’s a great time for trainers everywhere. At the end of the week, we’ll be able to play RedBlue, and Yellowon our 3DS. Also just a friendly reminder: don’t forget to go to your nearest Gamestop to get a download code for Mew while you still can.

I’m still hoping we get a new Pokémon RPG installment this year, but only time will tell. Hopefully the Big N still has a few Pokémon-themed secrets to unveil later this year.

Are you going to try to make it out for opening night? Is there anything in particular you hope to find at the pop-up shop? How will you be celebrating Pokémon Day? Will you be playing the original trio of Pokémon RPGs that day? Let us know in the comments below!

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Image: Nintendo

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