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If you’re a GM looking sage advice from some of the most talented, experienced and creative GMs, you’re in luck: this Saturday, November 11, One Night Only: GM Tips Live will be hitting Alpha.

The special event will be hosted by own talented and experienced GMs Matt Mercer, DM of  Critical Role and Satine Phoenix, host of  GM Tips. They’ll pose questions from you, live in our chat to our panel and lead the conversation as a group of experienced GMs come together and share their wisdom.

Who are these sage GMs? Some of them have been spotted on various Geek & Sundry shows, including Ivan van Norman ( ForeverVerse and Sagas of Sundry), Amy Vorphal (of  ForeverVerse and Sagas of Sundry: Dread) and Jason Charles Miller (of ForeverVerse and  Starter Kit).

We’ve also got fantastic guests who have appeared on GM Tips in the past: Ruty Rutenberg (DM of Maze Arcana), Dr. Megan Connell (DM of Clinical Role), Luke Gygax (founder of GaryCon) and T.J. Storm (DM of New York Film Academy’s Dungeons & Dragons series).

All of these amazing GMs will be taking your questions from the chat live. Want to get in on the action? Tune in to  Alpha starting at 6 PM PT on Saturday November 11! If you’re not yet an Alpha subscriber, you can  sign up for a free 30-day trial subscription.

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