George Pérez, Legendary Comic Book Artist, Has Passed at 67

For more than 40 years comic book artist George Pérez did it all. He brought to life basically every major comic book character of both DC and Marvel. Now his dedicated fans around the world mourn a monumental loss. Pérez has passed away at age 67 from complications related to pancreatic cancer. The comics legend died at his home surrounded by his wife Carol and his family. He leaves behind a legacy that will endure longer than even his own illustrious career.

George Perez and the DC and Marvel characters he lovingly drew.
Syfy/DC Comics/Marvel Comics

George Pérez’s place in comic book history is unquestioned. More than that it is nearly unmatched. During his long and storied career, the famed artist drew some of the best, most memorable, most beloved comic book stories. The complete list of his contributions to the industry is almost unfathomable. Just some of his work includes The New Teen Titans, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wonder Woman, Superman, The Avengers, and Infinity Gauntlet. But even that awe-inspiring collection is just a small part of what he did. If an important character from the two biggest publishers graced a comic bookshelf around the world, he almost certainly drew them. His career was not limited to just DC and Marvel, though.

Born in New York City on June 9, 1954, Pérez began his career at Marvel. His first published work, Deathlok in Astonishing Tales #25, hit stands in 1974. It marked the start of one of the most astonishing comic book careers anyone has, or will ever, have. By 1975 he was already drawing the Avengers. The Fantastic Four soon followed. In the 1980s he also began drawing for DC Comics, starting with Justice League of America. He officially retired for health-related reasons in 2019.

A memorial service for the iconic artist will take place at MEGACON in Orlando at 6 pm on Sunday, May 22. The service will be open to all. And we’re sure many fans will make the pilgrimage to say goodbye.

Pérez first shared his cancer diagnosis in a touching Facebook post in December 2021. The outpouring of love and admiration that followed made clear how much his work touched the lives of generations of comic book fans. That included our own Eric Diaz, who wrote about Pérez’s truly incredible career and why he will always mean so much to so many. We leave the last word to him.

Mr. Pérez, when it comes to creating comic book art, you are the greatest of all time. You gave the world thousands of indelible and beautiful images. And you made kids and adults alike dream of epic battles and cosmic grandeur that would inspire us our whole lives. You are the reason I love comic books, the reason why enjoying comic books is a lifelong love that will never die. And I know I speak for comic book fans everywhere when I say, thank you, George.

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