Geoff Johns Steps Down as DC Entertainment President, Will Write GREEN LANTERN CORPS Movie

Two years after rising to become DC Entertainment President, Geoff Johns has decided to step down and reestablish a larger creative role within the company. That means Johns is getting his own curated comics line, a new production house, and he’s writing the Green Lantern Corps movie.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the story, and notes that DC co-publisher Jim Lee will replace Johns as DC Entertainment President. Johns has spent the vast majority of his creative career at DC, first as a writer and then as DC’s Chief Creative Officer. Now, Johns is launching Mad Ghost Productions, his own production banner that will cover his work on film, TV, and even comic book projects. The Green Lantern Corps movie will be one of Johns’ first movies under Mad Ghost, and it will allow him to once again work on the characters he spent almost a decade rebuilding into a major comic book franchise. Johns is also co-writing Wonder Woman 2 with Patty Jenkins, and co-writing and executive producing the Aquaman movie as well.

Johns is also heavily involved with the new DC Universe streaming service, as an executive producer on the Titans live-action series and the writer of the “ Doom Patrol” episode that led to the upcoming spinoff series about DC’s misfit heroes.

Perhaps more intriguingly, Johns will be getting his own pop-up imprint under DC: The Killing Zone. His upcoming projects include a new Shazam series slated to launch this fall. Johns will also reunite with artist Jason Fabok for Three Jokers, a story that will revisit one of the lingering threads from his Justice League run. Additionally, Johns will finish Doomsday Clock, his current event miniseries which is integrating characters from Alan Moore and David Gibbons’ Watchmen into DC’s multiverse.

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Images: DC Comics

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