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We’ve all done it. While hunting for inspiration for a character or that perfect background scene—type something into Google images and browse. While sitting back (often listening to sick music) and enjoying a glass of whiskey, we search image after image till we find something that inspires us. A quick right-click and save image, and we are off to our own mental land of creation. Often forgetting the artist that spent hours crafting something for our enjoyment.

With an avalanche of spectacular art on the internet, Charlie Hoover the founder of  Geek Questioner, brings these artistic creations to the forefront. It started with that very innocuous thing we’ve all done—using someone’s art as a visual aid. The Geek Questioner podcast hinged upon a Google Circles Collections (or G+ for short) where a single geeky question each day was asked to the community. With each question, came a visual aid to spark the discussion. In time, the group grew into one of the larger (and still active) Google Collections, but the founder, Charlie Hoover, felt like doing more. While he’s always had permission to use the artwork (reminding us why artists are amazing), it didn’t feel enough to him.

Enter Geekscape of the day. A group with over two hundred thousand followers, four years of archives, and over 1172 Geekscapes to date. The focus? Showcasing amazing science fiction and fantasy art with full credit, links, and features of the artist. Each Geekscape is posted in its own thread with a full discussion on the art itself, this way, each piece sparks its own bought of inspiration. Charlie Hoover spends every morning tracking down the artist, crafting the post, and blasting it out into the ether space of G+, Twitter, and other mediums. The community takes it from there and comments on the art…or even starts writing short-stories in the threads based off it. Art making art! Geekscapes is open to submissions for showcase and welcomes anyone who has sci-fi / fantasy art on their brain. For this article, we’ve had them pick out some of their favorite pieces as well to showcase below.

If you want to find four full years of their archives or join their community, you can find them on Twitter, an RSS Feed, Facebook, their website, and as an actual active G+ collection. We are fans of anything that puts the artist first, so let’s have an art thread! Leave your favorite artist below in the comments or let us know what you think!

Featured Image: Hope by Satoshi-Takahara

Image Credits: Nick Deligaris, Magdalena Radzlej, Simon Eckert, Francisco Mauriz,   Uxmal750AD, Devin Elle Kurtz, Sebastien Hue

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