Gear Up With the Best KINGDOM HEARTS Apparel and Accessories

Kingdom Hearts III news is on the horizon. Square Enix and Kingdom Hearts will have a presence at Disney‘s upcoming D23 Expo, and we know we’ll learn about a new world for the game and get another trailer. Maybe we’ll even score a release date? Hopefully?

I’ve only recently fallen into the rabbit hole that is Kingdom Hearts, and by fallen into the rabbit hole, I mean I’ve become obsessed. With announcements coming, I needed (needed!) to find some chic apparel and accessories to wear my Kingdom Hearts fandom on my sleeve. So, in case anyone else has a desire to cover themselves in all things Keyblades and crowns, these are my top picks:

Carry your charms

Keep a Keyblade by your side at all times with this charm necklace from Hot Topic. It incorporates cute elements from the game like the Paopu fruit, Sora’s necklace charm, and more. This necklace isn’t subtle, but sometimes you don’t want subtle.

Town pride

Show your commitment to the weird and wonderful place that is Traverse Town with a custom hand printed varsity jacket. Or, if you’d prefer to display your allegiance to Heartless Academy, Aperture Design Co. has that, too. Get them at Etsy.

Keep your enemies close

You don’t have to wait for the music cue that tells you a Heartless is close by. Just wear this dress from Angelyque’s Pixels, and you’ll know where they are at all times. She also has these beaded earrings:

Fight in comfort

If you’re racing around in your Gummi Ship, you need to navigate in maximum comfort. These Kingdom Hearts yoga pants from Drip Dye are ideal for that or getting in shape to take down the next big boss.

Keep your way

Don’t lose track of your path. Wear an acrylic laser cut Wayfinder necklace from Chinook Crafts. It works as both a Kingdom Hearts accessory and/or a lovely flower pendant.

Clip it back

Make sure you don’t miss any Kingdom Hearts news because your hair is falling in front of your eyes with this Sora-inspired bow from Hot Topic. (Related: how do most of the Final Fantasy characters see around their hair?! I constantly want to give them bobby pins and trim their bangs). And if you need to hold all your questing gear, there’s a backpack as well.

Put a Keyblade on it

A Keyblade that is also a ring? This piece of jewelry by Devlin Design Studio is creative and classy.

What Kingdom Hearts apparel and accessories do you have on your list? Tell me in the comments.

Images: Hot Topic, Aperture Design Co, Angelyque’s Pixels, Drip Dye, Chinook Crafts, Devlin Design Studio

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