Santa Finds LGBTQ+ Love in a Touching Christmas-Movie-Like Ad

Get those tissues out. No, seriously. Because this holiday season ad from the Norwegian postal service Posten will make you cry. This ad is not like other ads. In fact, it’s really more like a Christmas movie. And honestly, one of the best ones around. Although LGBTQ+-oriented Christmas (and other holiday) movies are slowly creeping into the mainstream, this ad delivers everything you’d want from your rainbow Christmas cheer. Santa has a boyfriend, and it’s beautiful.

Posten’s ad entitled “When Harry met Santa” has it all. Drama, heartache, family, love, joy, catharsis. Not to mention, sheer holiday adorableness. The title, of course, harkens back to the classic rom-com, When Harry Met Sally. And, as that movie and many others reveal, the course of true love never did run smooth. But this ad captures a certain vein of bittersweetness that LGBTQ+ couples often face when trying to be together.

Of course, most couples don’t have to contend with one partner being a literal fae entity who may or may not be constrained to live in the North Pole and only emerge on Christmas… But many who watch this will relate to the struggles Harry and Santa encounter. Not being able to openly be together, seeing each other only in specific circumstances, being in a relationship some may not understand. This ad captures all of that and dips it into LGBTQ+ Christmas magic.

LGBTQ+ Christmas short ad by Posten captures a gay Santa - Santa and Harry gazing at one another

Harry and Santa’s love feels so pure. It feels special and sincere. And their joy together is catching. So when it comes time for Posten to make an appearance and save the day, allowing the two to spend the evening in each other’s arms, we cheer for them. It may be an ad, but it’s an ad with heart. And the quality of it is top-notch.

Posten released the ad to honor “the 50th anniversary of the country’s decriminalization” of queerness. This serves as an important reminder of both the work left to do and what has been achieved to date. So here’s to you, Santa and Harry, we hope you have a very happy holiday.

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