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GARBAGE PAIL KIDS Animated Series Coming to HBO Max

If you were a kid in the ’80s, you’re likely aware of the phenomenon called Garbage Pail Kids. These trading cards from Topps caused a nationwide craze. Children traded these gross-out spoofs of the popular Cabbage Patch Kids dolls during recess at school. This resulted in many schools banning them from campus. Which honestly just made them that much cooler. Now, as with all things of the ’80s, the Garbage Pail Kids are making a comeback.

We learned via The Hollywood Reporter that a new animated series has been greenlit for HBO Max. It’s coming from the creative team of Halloween 2018’s Danny McBride, David Gordon Green and Josh Bycel. The hope is that characters with names like Atom Bomb, Jay Decay, and Corroded Carl will become pop-culture favorites all over again.

The Garbage Pail Kids cards from Topps.


The Topps GPK cards were a massive success, running for an impressive fifteen different series from 1985-1988. At the time, nothing could stop the GPK train, and there were early attempts at creating media spin-offs. There was a live-action movie in 1987 that sought to capitalize on the pop culture phenomenon. But it was a terrible film and a massive box office bomb. It really is on another level of atrocious. You gotta see it to believe it.

1987 also saw a Saturday morning cartoon show created as well. A full 13-episode season was fully produced by CBS. But parents groups complained, and the show never airs one episode. It did play in other territories, though, countries where the parents presumably had better things to do than get bent out of shape about a dumb cartoon.

Despite all these failed attempts, maybe Danny McBride and David Gordon Green can make it work this time. As big fans of the original cards growing up, this is more than a cynical cash-in attempt for them. They genuinely love the likes of Leaky Lindsay and Dead Fred. How knows, maybe McBride will voice one of the characters. Maybe Drippy Dan?

Featured Image: Topps

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