Gamer Walks Through THE WITCHER 3 on a Treadmill

We don’t have to worry about literal monsters when we leave our house. But in 2020 there’s still plenty to be fearful of when we go outside. Not that we go out often. It’s not easy to even take a leisurely walk in our own neighborhood these days. But one gamer has figured out a way to get in a whole lot of exercise without leaving his home. He walked around the Continent by connecting his treadmill to The Witcher 3.

My treadmill allows me to walk through Toussaint, with matching incline and speed. from r/witcher

Reddit user pird_berson22 shared this short video (which we first came across at PC Gamer) of him physically walking through The Witcher 3. He traveled through Toussaint, “with matching incline and speed” as the character on screen. His Woodway 4Front treadmill comes with a feature that makes it possible to record synced inclines from certain games, including GTA V, Elder Scrolls Online, Skyrim, and Fallout 3.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds, but maybe not as easy—or as cheap—as you’d hope. It’s not a matter of just connecting the treadmill to the game. He made a first person recording of his trek through Toussaint. The treadmill program pulls “ from an XML file where different inclines are stamped at the corresponding distances.” The camera speed is connected to the speed the treadmill is set to.

Gamer Walks Through THE WITCHER 3 on a Treadmill_1CD Projekt Red

This is a fun way, especially in 2020, to exercise from the safety of your own home. But it’s an expensive walk. This treadmill costs $10,000. This Witcher 3 player only owns one because he’s an employee of the company. He works on the machine’s software, and says they are used “by every major sports team in America, and the very wealthy mostly.”

That’s a whole lot of coins to toss to your Witcher-treadmill, but at least you’ll safe from the dangers of our continent.

Featured Image: CD Projekt Red

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