THE GAME OF WOLF Stands Out from the Party Game Pack

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Were you the kid who hated group projects in school? Then The Game of Wolf is the trivia game you’ve been waiting for! On your turn answering some of the toughest trivia on topics from pop culture to historical facts and figures, you can choose to answer solo or with a group. Go it alone and you’ll earn double the points. Are you a lone wolf, or part of the pack?

If you’re always the team player, pick who you want in your pack when it’s your turn to scribble answers. The wolf gets to choose to go lone or pack on their turn, and then the player to their left begins reading the questions.

Part of the fun is conferring with your teammates as you stretch your memory to the limits. Are you positive you remember who played Stuart Smalley on Saturday Night Live? Or do they think they know better? Talk about the best icebreaker ever—you’ll definitely get to know someone better as you argue about who sang “Who Let the Dogs Out.” And then, of course, there’s the pure satisfaction of taking on all your friends and dominating the round all by your lonesome wolf self. Either way, you’re sure to have a fantastic time.

Gray Matters Games, founded by Lauren and Joe Barron, specializes in games for gatherings that will challenge your brain and jog your memory. Brain health is so important to the company, in fact, that part of the profits of every sale go to donating for Alzheimer’s research.

Want to get an idea of what’s in store in The Game of Wolf before you host the next game night? Join Becca Scott and friends in Game the Game below! Play along and test your own knowledge against these wily wolves as you watch.

The Game of Wolf is now available on Amazon and at your favorite local game store. Grab your wolf pack on your next game night and play this award-winning game.

This post is sponsored by Gray Matters Games.

All Images: Gray Matters Games

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