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It’s one thing to watch the heroes and villains of Game of Thrones every week on the small screen, but it’s something else entirely to feel like you’re stepping into Westeros yourself. Thanks to Adobe UK and an international team of professional concept artists, you can use just your phone or a VR headset to gaze upon some of the iconic locations of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin—and not worry about losing your head to the White Walkers or Kingsguard while you do it.

The immersive virtual reality experience Unseen Westeros aims to take you to Westeros without leaving your house. These aren’t still photographs of the familiar settings of Winterfell or King’s Landing from the show; the experience focuses on unusual locations from the book series that you haven’t seen outside of your imagination before.

For example, here’s your first exclusive look at an artist’s vision of Bonetown, which appeared on a map in A World of Ice and Fire:

All you need to set your eyes on Westeros is a VR headset or your smartphone and the YouTube app. Then you’ll travel to places you’ve never seen before like Strongsong in the Vale, Widow’s Watch in the North, Valyria, and the Summer Isles, and many, many more. Your adventure starts below.


(If you’re watching on your browser, hold the mouse button and move the cursor to take a look around. Don’t hold your computer up to your eyes.)

Find out more about the VR experience and how the group of brilliant artists behind the incredible locations crafted the vistas of the Seven Kingdoms on the Adobe UK website.

If you could (safely) visit anywhere in Westeros, where would you go? Tell us about it in the comments below.

All Images: Unseen Westeros / Adobe

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