See the British Guard Perform the GAME OF THRONES Theme with the Night’s Watch

The British Coldstream Guards, with their dapper red uniforms, white belts, and tall furry black hats, are the “ oldest continuously serving regiment in the British Army.” They are an elite fighting force, but they are best known for their finely detailed, pinpoint performances that draw countless visitors every year. In appearance and precision they are as opposite as you can get from the raggedy looking Night’s Watch, whose standards to join are slightly lower.

However, both units are made up of dedicated soldiers who have bravely served their countries for centuries. The Coldstream Guards have served in the British Army for over 350 years now, while their brothers in black have guarded the realms of men for thousands of years. The two groups made for a striking image when they got together for a one-of-a-kind show of the Game of Thrones theme song in front of the Tower of London.

Okay, those are some great looking uniforms. Which uniforms are we talking about? Both.

As for the Coldstream Guards, despite their name, we’re not sure many of them would prefer serving in the Night’s Watch. Sure, it might rain a lot in Great Britain, and you have to deal with a bunch of visitors gawking at you all the time, but we’d say that still mostly beats having to contend with endless snow and ice demons.

All that said, we’re not positive many of the Night’s Watch would do well with the Coldstream Guards either. Could you imagine Pyp or Dolorous Edd having the discipline to perform with that kind of precision? And can you really see Sam wearing one of those hats? Neither can we.

But we’d be happy to have either group protecting us, and we definitely liked seeing them team up for this performance.

Featured Image: Sky Atlantic

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